Which of these 3 strikes a chord with you?

I am amazed that God continues to use STUCK to help people forgive. I now have an opportunity to write another book and I’d love your help. I have 3 book “ideas” and am curious if one of them strikes a chord with you.

Chapter One

So, here’s a brief summary of my 3 ideas in no particular order:

Book idea #1: A Book on Shame

We all struggle with it but no one talks about it. Shame is one of Satan’s primary weapons to block Christians from accomplishing God’s purposes. It’s the little voice in your head saying, “C’mon! You’re not good enough. After all, who do you think you are?” What we call regret is often shame. It is the swamp-land of our soul. Yuck!

Our enemy has been bullying us with shame every since Adam and Eve. God’s been dragging us out of shame every since the Garden of Eden. The only solution to our shame is GRACE. Yes, you’re story includes brokenness but God’s grace is the star of your story.

This book would highlight shame’s rising voice in our culture, the Biblical history of shame, the cost of shame, your response choices, and the Biblical antidote to shame.

I recently taught a 3-week series on Shame entitled “Hideout” which you can listen to here.

Book idea #2: Intimacy with God

The deepest desire of your heart is to know God personally. But how can you know a God who feels so distant? How is it that some people you know seem to have a daily connection with Him?

At the Grand Canyon, most tourists remain in the tourist-designated areas and take photos for Instagram. From their safe spot they admire the Canyon but few really experience and interact with the Canyon up close. (That was my experience during my 1st visit.)

In the same way, Christ followers must go “beyond the rim” in order to go from being an admirer of the Father to interacting and experiencing intimacy with Him.

This book will discuss how we can go “beyond the rim” into daily connection with God.

Book idea #3: 30 Witnesses

With each story of grace in the Bible, we discover another layer of it’s unlimited power.

This book will tell 30 short stories from the perspective of witnesses. For example, the story of Rahab would be told from her husband Salmon’s perspective as he has a front-row seat to Rahab’s transformation.

The book would be fictional (in order to create a storyline) based on true Biblical stories.

These 30 stories would be mini-chapters (5-6 pages each) so the book would be an easy read or a one-month devotional reminding us that we are all witnesses of God’s grace.

Do any of these 3 ideas strike a chord with you? I want to write something that’s helpful. So, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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16 thoughts on “Which of these 3 strikes a chord with you?

  1. Hi Mark,

    Immediately I went to shame. I think it is one of Satan’s greatest tools against believers. I have struggled with it and know its power personally. I think a book like this could speak into the hearts of many people like me. I know you will let the Holy Spirit lead you as all three subjects are very important. A book on any of these subjects would be a gift, but I think shame is the one a lot of us struggle with,and can identify with.

  2. I loved your series on Hideout and feel it is very relevant to an effective Christian life. However, you can’t call it “A book on Shame.” way too scary?
    For me and where I am……I would love to have a book of stories such as you describe in Witnesses. I was totally intrigued with the new insight I had when either you or Daniel talked about Rahab recently in a message. It cast a new light on the story which I found helpful in daily life. So if I had to choose just one when I’m at Barnes and Noble, I would probably go for Witnessess.
    Intimacy, is something I would refer to on a regular basis…..I can see it becoming a daily devotional guide.

    • Haha! I agree a title other than “You have heavy shame so let’s dive into that swamp for 200 pages” right? 🙂 Love your thoughts Bob! Thank you for sharing my friend. Appreciate you!

  3. Hi Mark. All of the book themes are good, and needed by many Christians. However I would choose “shame” because I know some of my Sisters/Spiritual Daughters, in particular who have battled with the shame they feel, constantly, They put themselves down consistently, even when it is brought to their attention, doing it again the very next sentence! They have, obviously, lived with criticism in their childhood so that it is the way they look at themselves in their adulthood. Anyway, I know that you can deal with the subject in ways that will open their eyes to the fact that it is the way the enemy of our souls keeps them down on themselves. And THAT is my choice. If not this time, SOON so that I may buy the book and gift it!! Thanks, and God bless you!

  4. Wow. Love all the ways God is speaking to you. I would read/need all of these. Don’t know where to begin, but I guess it would be shame because I know I am not good enough which is why I need a Savior. Jesus should be more than enough for me, but then why do I need others to love me?

    • Karen I love your honesty. It is a real struggle isn’t it? Every since Eden we have struggled with insecurities resulting from shame. Imagine how ridiculous it was for Adam/Eve to stand in Eden knowing their Creator was close but choosing to hide trying to make themselves more presentable to God and each other. We’d all scream, “C’mon! Quit hiding. You’re not perfect but God is near.” Yet, here we are tempted to do the exact same thing. I’m with ya Karen.