The night my wife ran down the stairs naked

Will someone hurt my kids today? Will my friend finally make the brave choice and prioritize his marriage? Will our country elect the “right” president? Why are people so worried about a red holiday coffee cup? Will Tony Romo’s clavicle heal in time? I worry about all kinds of important and silly stuff.

Do you struggle with worry? Maybe you worry about your marriage, career, education, finances, a broken relationship, or retirement. Worry can become as much a part of our life as breathing.


Now, I know I’m not in control. But I worry as if I am. Then a moment like the one I experienced last week happens and reality slaps me hard across the face.

I was sitting in our living room scanning ESPN’s mobile website to view the latest NBA rankings. Don’t judge me. It was a perfectly routine moment . . . until it suddenly wasn’t. My 10-year-old son taps me on the shoulder and he’s standing but sort of hunched over, drooling, and not able to catch his breath because a piece of popsicle he’d been eating had lodged itself in his little throat.

I jumped up and hollered for my wife who was upstairs taking a bath. Even though I’d taken CPR classes and vaguely remembered what to do, I knew my wife (who’s also a school nurse) was the person to “fix” this.

As my son continued grasping for air, my two oldest daughters were on the couch screaming for their Mom because they had quickly assessed that Dad was out of his league here. Meanwhile, I was now standing beside my son holding his shoulder and asking my wife (in a loud, somewhat desperate tone) to, “COME DOWN NOW!”

In that moment of panic I was certain of one thing, as soon as Ginger gets here everything is going to be okay.

Suddenly, my wife emerged running down the stairs naked. Somehow, she traveled a flight of stairs safely (despite being dripping wet) and assessed the situation in about 5 seconds. About the same time the problematic piece of frozen sugar water melted enough to allow my son to begin breathing again.

I was standing there having added absolutely zero assistance. While holding my son, my wife calmly looked up and said to me, “Can you make sure all of the blinds are closed?”

Umm . . . sure. That I can do.

What a strange night. I’ll never forget the feeling of my routine instantly became fear, panic, and worry.

Life is like that isn’t it?

You never know when your routine will be interrupted by fear, panic, and worry.

That’s what happened to the disciples in Mark 4 when a routine boat trip was interrupted by a life-threatening storm. The disciples were worried – heck they feared for their lives. Jesus, who had been sleeping suddenly emerges and calms the sea. Then He asks the disciples the most odd question, “Why were you afraid?” They must have been thinking, “Because we almost died!!!!”

But Jesus was asking, “Why did you spend time worrying? I was so close by. You just needed to call on me.”

When I was standing beside my choking son, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do but I knew exactly who to call. Jesus wants us to have that kind of confidence in Him during our worry.

Today, if a storm is raging around you and you don’t know what to do, cry out to Jesus. Invite others to cry out to Jesus with you. He’s got the whole world in his hands so we don’t have to worry as if we do.

After all, a loving parent is willing to do anything for their child. Even run down the stairs naked.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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2 thoughts on “The night my wife ran down the stairs naked

  1. Thanks Mark! Last night at the HOA meeting on which I serve, we learned that the wife of one of our board members suddenly died last weekend and the only cause they could come up with was that she was an excessive worrier. Yes, help is near. Help me to feel his nearby presence when the storm rages! He will calm the storm and will be with us and give us peace. You and I have a special relationship in this area……don’t be afraid to call for help!

    • Bob that is incredibly sad to hear. So sorry to hear about your friend’s loss. Worry is such a destructive but unnecessary force isn’t it? Prayers for your friend. Thanks for this reminder.