Crazy guys with a crazy goal . . .

Wanna know what I’m excited about right now?

A bunch of college buddies (including my pastor’s son) are riding their bicycles across the country from Seattle to New York City. Why are they doing this? Because they’re a little wild-eyed? Maybe! But also because they heard about a need.

Did you know that every 19 seconds a mother loses a child to water-related illness?

These guys are crazy enough to think they can actually make a difference. How? They’re trying to raise $50K. A little aggresive? Maybe! Here’s the crazy part: they’re already over halfway there!

Kyle Ride for Water 2

Let’s support these crazy guys! What do you say?

We can help them raise $50K and make a dent in the global water crisis! That’s the kind of crazy I want to be part of.

Ignore your “rational” I don’t know if we can really make a difference thoughts.

Let’s fuel these crazy guys with a crazy goal.

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