Final words of advice from my Dad – Part 2

My Dad’s temporary journey on earth ended on January 6, 2014. During his last week, I sat with him for several hours. In an attempt to “keep him with me”, I asked him many questions. My Dad was always powerfully simple. This week I’ll share his answers to five of my questions.

Yesterday was Question #1: Dad, what advice would you give me as a Dad? (You can read Dad’s response HERE.)

Today is Question #2: Dad, you and Mom have been married for 46 years, what advice would you give me as a husband?

  • Try to get along
  • Focus on the Lord
  • Laugh together

Dad, “That’s it. Your Mom and I laughed a lot. I wish we would’ve laughed even more.”

That was it . . . powerfully simple.

Then I asked Question #3: I’ve heard that the two most common things that take a pastor down are usually sex or money. As a pastor, did you ever have temptations to be unfaithful to Mom?

I’ll share his simple answer tomorrow.

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