Don’t Let December Become a Blur

Are you busy? Of course you are. It’s December. We’re all busy.

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“I have visited the large offices of wealthy donors, the crowded rooms of social service agencies, and the small houses of the poorest families. Remarkably, within this mosaic there is a universal refrain: I am so busy. It does not seem to matter if the people I speak with are doctors or day-care workers, shopkeepers, or social workers, parents or teachers, nurses or lawyers, students or therapists, community activists or cooks.

Whether they are Hispanic or Native American, Caucasian or Black, the more their lives speed up, the more they feel hurt, frightened, and isolated. Despite their good hearts and equally good intentions, their work in the world rarely feels light, pleasant, or healing. Instead, as it all piles endlessly upon itself, the whole experience of being alive begins to melt into one enormous obligation. It becomes the standard greeting everywhere: I am so busy.” –Wayne Muller

The important question isn’t, “Are you busy?” Everyone answers, “yes”.

The important question is, “Are you finding rest?”

A lack of rest negatively impacts all of your relationships. You know you need rest when you stop caring about the people you care about.

A lack of rest is the enemy of intimacy.

“Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” -Dallas Willard

King David, who was after God’s heart, was extremely busy. After all, he was the leader of a nation. David didn’t have a problem filling his schedule. However, David realized that a full schedule without rest was disastrous.

So David encouraged us to “be still”, to “wait on the Lord to renew your strength,” and to “lie down in green pastures.” (A great book on this topic is The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan.)

When was the last time you had an unhurried conversation with God? Don’t let December become a blur.

One Simple Step

Find time for an unhurried conversation with God. Pour out your heart. Listen. Repeat. Take your time. Rest.

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