6 Christmas Survival Tips

Is this your first Christmas without a loved one?

All the ‘firsts’ without a loved one are difficult. But the First Christmas can be especially challenging.

First Christmas

I recently asked a grief counselor from our church, Debi Dixon, to share some advice for people facing their “First Christmas” without a loved one. Here are 6 Christmas survival tips:

1. Have a Plan

It can be as simple as lighting a candle. Intentionally do something tangible to remember/honor your loved one.

2. Feel free to carry on traditions or do something completely different.

Some people find comfort in keeping traditions alive. Others find comfort from doing things differently. Give yourself permission to do what you need to do.

3. Don’t try to do too much.

Accept invitations but let people know you might cancel. Feel free to limit your activity. Don’t be afraid to leave when you reach your limit.

4. Don’t be afraid to cry in front of others.

5. Talking about your loved one can be helpful and a relief to others. Sharing favorite stories about your loved one can be helpful.

6. Don’t let others tell you how to grieve, do what you need to do. We all grieve differently.

For an encouraging message entitled “First Christmas” click HERE.

Check out griefshare.org for additional holiday survival suggestions where you can also sign up for a free daily 1-year grief devotional.

Is someone you care about experiencing their “First Christmas” this year? Share these six survival tips with them.

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