Which book most impacted you and which one was most fun to read?

According to my Amazon account, I purchased 25 books in 2014. By my count, I finished reading 18 of them and I’m about to finish one more.

It’s easy for me to consume books without pausing to evaluate their impact. As I look back over 2014, one book has had the greatest impact and another one was the most fun to read.

Here’s the book that has had the greatest impact on me:

the rest of god

“Sabbath-keeping is more than time management. It is a fresh orientation to time, where we think with holy imagination about how the arc of our moments and hours and days intersects with eternity.” -Mark Buchanan (I posted about this topic here.)

Here’s the book that was the most fun to read:


I haven’t seen the movie yet but I can highly recommend the book.

One Simple Step

As you look back over 2014, what book has had the biggest impact on you and what book was the most fun to read? I’d love to hear from you.

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