I seriously just received this email

I just received an email from the publisher telling me that my book will be released soon.

book publish pic

I’ve never written a book before so this experience has been fascinating! Here are a few questions people have asked:

  • What’s the title? STUCK: When You Want to Forgive But Don’t Know How
  • Why did you write this book? I’m passionate about helping others forgive.
  • How long did it take to write? About two years. (I’m a little slow.)
  • Will it be in e-book and print versions? Yes – on Amazon.
  • How many copies do you hope to sell? I’m just hoping my Mom will buy one. No expectations beyond that. But I do hope it helps a few people finally forgive.

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8 thoughts on “I seriously just received this email

  1. i loved the 2 chapters…can’t imagine leaving out Step 3–surrender. This was perhaps the most powerful step in my own recovery from resentment.