Want to see the real you?

Do you like mirrors? I’m not a fan of ’em. They make me look older, fatter, and uglier than I think I am. Instead of my mental image of me, the mirror reveals a pumpkin. So I avoid mirrors.

Credit: Photo by Reagen Riggins

Credit: Photo by Reagen Riggins

But what about mirrors that reflect the REAL you – your heart, character, and attitude – do you avoid those? Those mirrors are all around you. Want to see the real you? Here are four mirrors that reflect the REAL you:


Our kids reflect our strengths and weaknesses (character, attitudes, and passions). That’s the REAL you. Are you paying attention to this mirror?

  • Are your kids celebrating others? Are they others-focused?
  • Are your kids generous? Are they acting like stewards or owners?
  • Do they talk about God? Is God a “Sunday conversation” or do they talk about him as part of their daily life?


I’m tempted to compare myself with other people to measure my spiritual progress. If I compare myself to a criminal I look good. If I compare myself to Billy Graham or Mother Teresa I look bad.

God’s holiness reveals our sinfulness. The standard isn’t my neighbor’s lifestyle but God’s holiness. Scripture is saturated with God’s holiness. Are you looking at this mirror?

  • What in God’s Word is changing you right now?


If you live across the country I can fool you into thinking I’m better than I really am. But if you see my life closely, I can’t fool you. Are you utilizing this mirror?

  • Who has permission and proximity to challenge the REAL you?


Your spouse is the only adult who knows how you act and talk outside and inside of your house. Are you leveraging this mirror? Ask your spouse,

  • What do you see about the REAL me that encourages you and what needs work?


Schedule time this week to look closely into one of these mirrors.

Even if you’re a pumpkin on the outside you can be a lion on the inside.


Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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