How do you create a forgiveness memory?

Last week I went on a 3-day hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with some friends. On our way down the South Kaibab Trail we crossed paths with a man from London. We began talking and he revealed that he had flown all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to do one thing: forgive someone and “leave it all at the bottom of the canyon”. Why? He needed to create a moment when he released his offender. Isn’t that great?

I imagine the days ahead when he’s tempted to relive those old, hurtful memories. Instead of feeling the burden of his old memory, I envision a smile creeping across his face as he switches the channel and recalls in vivid detail the hike down the majestic Grand Canyon where he chose to forgive once and for all. Now, THAT’S a better memory!

I love this hiker’s approach. I got to wondering, “What are some other meaningful ways to create a forgiveness memory?”


Have you ever created a forgiveness memory?

There must be a lot of ways you can create these forgiveness memories. What are some creative ways to create a “forgiveness memory”?

Your idea may help someone else sustain their forgiveness. Would you take a minute and share an idea?