The family that plays together stays together

I recently asked a grandmother “What’s the best advice you can give me as a parent?” I was asking her because she raised four kids who enjoy happy/healthy marriages, successful careers, and have an active relationship with God.

The simplicity of her answer surprised me. She said, “Just have fun together as a family! Embrace life as an adventure.”

Isn’t that simple but wise advise?

fun family

It’s easy to forget that we’re on mission for a joyful God.

How intentional are you at creating fun memories? Why don’t you have some fun together this weekend?

Start the fun by planning together

Call it an “adventure”

Allow time for spontaneity on your adventure

Be fully present (no peeking at email or social media)

Choose to laugh no matter what happens

Plan to recap your adventure together soon afterward (our family likes to recap while enjoying chocolate-dipped cones from McDonalds)

So what is your family doing this weekend?

Take it from Grandma, “Just have fun together as a family!”

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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