“Thank you Coach Garrett”

Jason Garrett was about to sign my 8-year-old son’s helmet. Lincoln was somewhat excited but I was elated. So I whispered in Lincoln’s ear, “Make sure you say, ‘Thank you Coach Garrett’”.

Jason Garrett

After Jason’s Garret signed Lincoln’s helmet Lincoln quietly whispered, “Thank you.” I could tell Lincoln wanted to obey me but no one else was saying “thank you” so he felt like he was entering unchartered territory.

Then I handed Jason Garrett a football. After he signed it I confidently said, “Thank you Coach Garrett”. Immediately, I heard an echo as Lincoln followed my example and loudly said, “Thank you Coach Garrett”. Jason Garrett smiled, looked at Lincoln and said, “You bet son!”

Telling people what to do creates a whisper. Showing people what to do creates confidence.

As a parent, I’m learning showing is better than telling. (BTW, I love people and churches that do more showing than telling.)

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