Greater distance results in greater reunion

Driving through the Arizona and New Mexico dessert, we arrived in San Angelo, TX one day early to surprise our parents. We did. In fact, when Ginger’s Mom answered the door she just cried and hugged. No words. Just an immediate and deep connection.

When we arrived at both sets of parents, we experienced the typical reunion pattern: Hugging, sitting down in chairs near each other, and talking as if making up for lost time.

reunionIt had been a year since we’d driven the 1,300 miles to visit our family in Texas. I noticed the hugs were a little tighter and lasted a little longer.

This reunion taught me something encouraging. Our love wasn’t diminished by our separation. In fact, the greater distance (time & space) equaled a greater reunion.

Here’s what I know about a future reunion: Jesus is already planning to come a day early (or at least it’ll be a surprise). I bet that day includes long, tight hugs, comfortable chairs positioned near each other and deep connections.

Why? Because the greater the distance the greater the reunion.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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