Let a quick glimpse of Heaven encourage you

I asked people via social networks, “Name one thing they are glad WILL NOT be in Heaven.” They said:

Wheel chairs, common colds, negativity, fear, anxiety, doubt, cruelty, death, cancer, heart attacks, suffering, sleep deprivation, diets, pain, evil, rejection, surgery, stress, bills, pain, tears, emails, taxes, cell phones, prejudice, poverty, abuse, addiction, mental illnesses, hate/violence, spiders, separation, regret, temper tantrums, sin, disabilities, body odor, depression, bugs, migraines, sadness, hurtfulness, loneliness, remorse, canker sores, fattening food, fast food, Dallas Cowboys losing seasons, sequester, Satan, flies, envy, confusion, laundry, dishes, loneliness, taxes, guilt, bad drivers, temptation, & grief.

I asked some friends, “Name one thing they are glad WILL be in Heaven.” They said:

Peace that passes understanding, unending praise, loved ones, unspeakable Joy 24/7, unending praise to our Father, face to face with Jesus, love beyond our imagination, no tears, us, answers to all our questions, family and friends, hope fulfilled, incredible worship and praise, contentment, excitement, no achey knees, my Savior and I am hoping all my little faithful dogs, people from every tribe & nation.

The Bible tells us that:

Jealousy, envy, prejudice, and unforgiveness are temporary because in Heaven the wolf will lay down with the Lamb. Isa. 11:6-9

Sadness, loneliness, depression, skepticism, doubts, confusion, tears, and sorrow are temporary because in Heaven the joyfully unite and worship the King. Heb. 12:22 & Rev. 21:4

Death, pain, cancer, heart attacks, mental illness, and obesity are temporary because in Heaven our bodies are made whole. Rom. 8:18-23

Abuse (parents, spouse, boss, etc), corrupt governments and business, church scandals, fallen leaders and ponzi schemes are temporary because in Heaven God will restore perfect order and peace. I Cor. 14:33

Brokenness, crime, dishonesty, pornography, regret, and guilt are temporary because in Heaven we will live in the Holy City lit entirely by God’s bright Glory. Rev. 21:2 & 23-24

Insecurity, fear, and doubts are temporary because the Bible says we will see our names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Rev. 21:27

What one thing are you glad WILL NOT be in Heaven? What one thing are you WILL be in Heaven?

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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