Change = Disneyland, dragons, and monsters

As a leader, learning to effectively navigate change is critical. Change energizes some and scares others.

This week we surprised our kids with Disneyland tickets. I have four kids. So you’re thinking four happy kids right? Nope. There was actually one opposition. Seriously. It was hilarious. Check out our 1-minute video.

I was sure the idea of taking our first trip to Disneyland was a great idea. I never imagined opposition.

Why did she oppose? Later she told me her reasons. She thought Disneyland was full of dragons and monsters. Why? I have no earthly idea but a place with dragons and monsters didn’t sound fun to her.

Once I showed her the online Disney website, she became excited about our trip. Turns out it was just a misunderstanding. I think misunderstandings often look like opposition.

As a leader, you’ll need to navigate change. Expect opposition. Someone in your group might be afraid that your idea includes dragons and monsters. Take the time to alleviate their fears and maybe the future will become magical.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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