2012 in 12 Words

Sheltered from the 32 degrees outside, our family sat at the breakfast table inside our cabin outside of Yosemite this morning. As we devoured breakfast burritos, I handed everyone a blank sheet of paper and a pen. I asked them to describe their year in twelve words. Everyone happily played along.

Afterwards, we voted on one word that described our year and one song that represented our year. A little odd? Yes. I want to help my kids develop a heart of gratitude and a bigger perspective.


Riggins 2012 word: Adventurous

Riggins 2012 song: Beautiful Things by Gungor

Madison’s 6 words:

Disneyland was fun, yosemite was scary

Lincoln’s 12 words: 

New, exciting, fun, almost the best, disneyland was fun, yosemite was too

Kennedy’s 12 words:

Happy, sad, nervous, excited, grateful, cold, hot, wet, amazed, snow, new, astonished

Reagen’s 12 words:

California, fun, adventurous, Lightforce, Gloria, Victoria, worried, blessed, Back to the Manger

Ginger’s 12 words:

Thankful, blessed, new life, healing, magnificent, growing spiritually, running, exceptional people, adventurous

Mark’s 12 words:

Dates, fitness, forgiveness, family prayers, Mom’s visit, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Yosemite.

This was a fun/clarifying exercise for us. Now we’re off to add to our list.

How about you? What would your 12 words be?

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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