Focused on a little bee causing a big wreck

Earlier this week I was driving and noticed a bee flying around in my car. I was by myself and I began trying to make sure it didn’t get on me but then the evil insect began flying around my head. I put all four windows down hoping to coax it into leaving my vehicle. In the mayhem, I realized I was veering into another lane. I quickly corrected and thought “this bee is not worth focusing on to the point I have a wreck.” Eventually, it flew out.

Sometimes things come up unexpectantly and, like a bee flying around your head, you’re tempted to give these critical/urgent things all of your attention.

You’re tempted to replace the important with the urgent by:

pursuing short-term goals at work (bee) is never worth wrecking your family due to neglect

worried more about your reputation with others (bee) than your relationship w/God

dwelling on a disagreement (bee) rather the value of a long-term relationship

The important things in life are your relationships and your faith. Don’t wreck a relationship or your faith because you’re focused on a bee.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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2 thoughts on “Focused on a little bee causing a big wreck

  1. Wow!! God just spoke thru you to me and sent me a message. Awesome I needed to hear “dwelling on a disagreement rather the value of a long-term relationship” today. That was amazing. I was going to have a talk with someone about something that was bothering me but this morning out of the blue decided differently and then you send this message. Gotta love how God works…lol