Connected but not plugged in

Last week I walked into the living room early in the morning carrying my cup of coffee. While rubbing my eyes I looked down and laughed at what I saw. Intending to charge my computer, I had connected my power cord to my computer but I hadn’t plugged the power cord into the electrical outlet. Connected but not plugged in.

Do you live like that sometimes? I do. You know you’re connected but not plugged in when you . . .

. . . haven’t had your coffee. 🙂

. . . spend time with your kids but find yourself glancing at your phone.

. . . have conversations about sports, weather, politics but nothing else.

. . . allow yourself to experience community but avoid transparency.

. . . are pouring into others but no one is pouring into you.

. . . have forgotten ‘why’ you are serving.

. . . can’t remember the last time you took a risk for God.

Choose to be connected AND plugged in with your God, your mission, your family and the people God places in your path today.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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