Learning from WIPEOUT

Our family loves the show WIPEOUT! It’s a great example of “art” imitating life.

We all begin our own race of life hoping to advance on our pre-determined course. We begin running and with each step we pick up a little speed and a touch of increased confidence. Just when a smile creeps across our face WHACK! BAM! Something unforeseen sucker punches us in the face knocking us completely off our feet. As we spin in the air we are in shock. Finally, with a sudden thud we hit the ground. We lay on our backs dazed and wonder, “What just happened?”

Jesus said, “At some point in the future you WILL fall…guaranteed.” (See Luke 17:1) Now that’s a hard truth isn’t it?

Solomon (wisest man outside of Jesus) said, “Live life with others who will help you up when you fall.” (See Eccl. 4:9-10)

No matter what your future holds it will be better if lived with others. How will you leverage this principle in your life?

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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