4 ways to lead your church according to Jason Garrett

I jumped in my Hyundai to drive to an appointment. I put the windows down and turned the radio on. I began listening to Los Angeles sports talk when I heard Jason Garrett (head coach of the Dallas Cowboys) being interviewed. The Cowboys are in neighboring Oxnard for training camp.

Jason was asked, “With the storied tradition of the Dallas Cowboys, how do you plan to lead this organization into the future?” Jason Garrett, who has a degree from Princeton, quickly shared four things that he suggested every leader do to lead effectively. Here they are:

1) Cast a clear vision

2) Recruit a team to accomplish that vision

3) Recast the vision daily

4) Hold people accountable to the vision

Then Jason said, “That’s what leaders should do if they’re leading the Dallas Cowboys, ESPNLA 710 radio, or Joe’s Ice Cream Shop.”

I’d add God’s church. 🙂

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