Are You Living FULLY ALIVE?

Are you always playing it safe? Are you constantly wondering “Is there more?”

I just finished reading a book inspiring a life of adventure. Now, I want to recommend it to you.

I read Ken Davis’ brand new book, Fully Alive. You must embrace this message! I personally believe in it and wrote about my “fully alive” decision yesterday which you can read HERE.

The book can be summarized by the second-century bishop and theologian Saint Irenaeus’ quote, “God’s glory is the earthly creature made fully and eternally alive with the life of the Spirit.” In other words, the Glory of God is man fully alive.

– We are fully alive when our body is active (and fit).

– We are fully alive when our emotions are being fueled with authentic relationships

– We are fully alive when our spirit is active in God’s mission

– We are fully alive despite fear and failure

As Michael Hyatt says, “This book is a wake-up call for those sleeepwalking through life.”

Ken starts out with a powerful re-telling of a search and rescue for his grand-daughter who was lost in the Colorado mountains. I like Ken’s writing style. It’s creative, engaging, funny (which you’d expect from one of the nation’s leading comedians), and then, when you least expect it, profound.

After a dark season struggling with excessive weight gain and depression, Ken shares how he chose to live more fully alive. This book is not a biography but Ken is transparent with his own story throughout the book.

The “What If” chapter (chapter 17) had me crying big tears. Such a powerful story that deals with the Christian’s tension of “How Can a Loving God Allow My Child to Die?”

I love this message! I believe you will too. You can get your copy by clicking HERE.

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