The dirty little secret of unforgiveness

You want to forgive. You know you should forgive. You know forgiving would make your life better. So why don’t you?

I listed some of the common reasons HERE.

However, there’s a deeper reason causing you to struggle with forgiveness. It’s the dirty little secret of unforgiveness.

Unforgiveness is emotional. We often don’t forgive because of the way we feel. We believe, “I can’t forgive because I still feel hurt or I feel like they . . .”

Sadly, feelings lead us down the unforgiveness pathway.

Feelings are good indicators, but terrible leaders.

“Most of us operate with the belief that I must feel differently before I can think differently.” – Kay Warren Choose Joy

Forgiveness formula: Thinking changes first, our actions come next, and our feelings will follow.

“You can’t feel your way into an action but you can act your way into feeling.” – Kay Warren (Click HERE to tweet that.)

Scripture focuses on how we should think & act not how we should feel. Long before psychology, God taught us to change our thinking/actions and our feelings would fall in line.

Recognize your feelings. But don’t let them lead.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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