Is Your Life Stuck on PAUSE?

When my family watches TV I hold the remote control. I have a disorder. Anytime there’s a big announcement on TV, I press the ‘pause’ button and ask my kids, “What do you think they’re about to say?” My kids indulge me but I think Ginger could do without my little game.

Does it ever feel like  someone took the remote that controls your life and pressed ‘pause’? You want to move forward but you can’t.

Unforgiveness is the most common reason you get stuck. You want to forgive but sometimes you don’t. Why?

I asked my Facebook friends to help me complete this sentence: I sometimes struggle to forgive because _____________________.

Here are the common reasons based on the dozens of people who commented:

1) My own pride/stubbornness

2) If I forgive they’ll hurt me again

3) I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of forgiveness

4) They haven’t changed

5) Because I can’t forget

6) They aren’t sorry or don’t care

7) They don’t deserve my forgiveness. (They’re mean.)

8) They haven’t asked for forgiveness

9) I’m still mad or hurt

10) If I forgive them they’ll get away with it

11) Because bad decisions should have consequences

12) I can’t forgive myself

In a sermon on 6-30-12, I shared the 2 foundational reasons why we don’t forgive. Tomorrow I’ll share the “dirty little secret” of unforgiveness.

How about you? What makes it difficult for you to forgive?

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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