5 Blessings of Having an Enemy

Coke has Pepsi. Apple has Microsoft. The Coyote has the roadrunner. David had Goliath. The Hatfields had the McCoys. Ali had Frazier.

Every great story includes conflict. Does your story include conflict (hopefully not combat)?

“When you know that a person is obsessed with you and is out to discredit you, you are very, very blessed indeed. This doesn’t happen to everyone. You are chosen, for behind your enemy is the hand of God. God has raised up your enemy—possibly just for you! King Saul’s pursuit of David was the best thing that could have happened to David at the time.” – R.T. Kendall in Total Forgiveness

In Scripture, David had Goliath and then King Saul. Saul clearly drove David toward God. After reading David’s story it’s easy to conclude that Saul was actually good for David.

If you lead, you will be opposed. Here are 5 blessings from having an enemy:

1) Keeps you on your toes

2) Increases your appreciation for supportive relationships

3) Reminds you that you have an Advocate

4) Increases your dependence on God

5) Provides a future opportunity to exercise total forgiveness

BTW, Coke rules! 🙂

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