Where do you make the greatest contribution?

I love those quiet evenings when Ginger and I sit down at a restaurant. We’re given a menu and suddenly it happens. I see a ton of great options.

I hate that because I immediately want everything! So I order the blackened chicken and then wonder if I should’ve picked the tortellini pasta. Oh the madness!

We do something similar as leaders. Instead of trying to eat everything, we’re tempted to lead everything. Instead of a hunger for food, we have a hunger to be needed. Generally, this leads to widespread failure.

Andy Stanley offers this important question every leader should ask themselves: “What do you do that only you can do?”

Even if you’re a young leader, answering this question is important.

“It may take years, but when the time comes and you’re in a position to control your time, will you know where to invest it?” – Andy Stanley.

Where do you make the greatest contribution in your organization?

This is one of 6 questions Andy Stanley recommends every leader ask on this month’s leadership podcast.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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