Read More in Less Time

“I’ll read more when I have more time.” “The title of that book looks fascinating. I wish I had time to actually read.”

You wanna ready but you’re busy! Plus, some books are just plain difficult or boring!

A misperception is thinking all books are equally valuable. They ain’t! 

So why give them equal time? I’m getting quicker at discerning if a book will add value for me. Sometimes that’s a reflection of the book and sometimes it’s a reflection of me. (I might not be at a place to appreciate the truth of a book right now.)

I’ve also learned a reading approach (not original with me) that’s a huge time-saver. Here’s how you can read more in less time:

1. Read the entire first chapter word-for-word. This is the “money chapter” the author submits to convince the publisher to pick up his or her book.

2. Read the first paragraph of each subsequent chapter. The author wants to engage the reader for the entire chapter so this is their overview and hook.

3. Read the first & last sentences of all other paragraphs. You may not get everything but you’ll get the point of the book.

4. You’ll read most books in 60-90 minutes with this process. Then you can decide if you believe the book’s worth slowing down to digest more thoroughly.

Here’s a great and FREE article by Alan Jacobs entitled “How to Read a Book”. (See chapter 9).

Don’t feel guilty skimming. Not all books are created equally . . . for you.

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