3 ways to make bold decisions WITH your spouse

Take a BIG step for God. But before you do let me give you some friendly advice: Make sure it’s a team decision between you and your spouse.

Disclaimer: I don’t have this figured out but I’m learning it’s extremely important.

If you and your spouse aren’t equally called for a BIG step then IT WON’T WORK!

Last year our family moved to California. This was a life-changing move.

Last weekend at our church, my wife shared why this was a particularly big move for her. Ginger was born and raised in one great town her entire life.

While Ginger was sharing the difficulties and blessings of our BIG step (moving our family to the West Coast), one thought went through my mind over and over again: I’m so grateful we made this decision together.

Ginger sharing at 1 of the 3 services in which she spoke this weekend

3 ways to make bold decisions WITH your spouse:

 1) Stop. If your spouse doesn’t want to take the step, God isn’t ready for you to take the step. It may not be a “no”. But He’s at least saying, “wait”.

 2) Process together. Walk together from the beginning of the decision-making process. If you’ve been praying and learning about a possible next step for months, it’s unrealistic to expect your spouse to be on board after just a couple of conversations.

 3) Talk. Pray about it together. Share your fears together. Share the possibilities together. The process will bring clarity for the decision but more importantly it will help align your hearts. Maybe that’s what God desires more.

Your family and ministry require unity in your marriage. Decision-making is difficult but don’t move too fast and, whatever you do, don’t move alone.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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