Your Success Depends on 3 Things

According to Henry Cloud’s book Integrity, there are three common factors among highly successful people.

    1. They have a mastered a skill
    2. They are alliance builders (within & without company)
    3. They have the character to keep from screwing it all up (The two most common ways pastors end their ministry is burnout or a moral failure. Sadly, retirement seems to run a distant third.)

Since these are the three things that will most likely determine your future impact, how are you doing?

1) Have you mastered your “skill”? How are you intentionally improving your craft?

2) Are you building alliances? How are you intentionally learning from colleagues from within and without?

3) Are you guarding your character? Who is helping you guard your character?

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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2 thoughts on “Your Success Depends on 3 Things

  1. 1. Have not mastered. Work and study everyday to strive for mastering my skill to interact with people, seek employment and believe in faith.

    2. Yes I believe I am building alliances. Listening, observing, being objective to what colleagues have to say and do.

    3. I am leqarning about guarding my character. I have always allowed myself to be an open book. I am learning there is a time and place for everything. God’s word and my faith in the Lord is helping me to guard my character.