Who Are You Trying to Please?

This week my 10 year old daughter, Reagen had a new student named Nolan added to her class at school. My 8 year old daughter Kennedy said, “What’s Nolan like? Describe him.” Reagen thought for a second and then said, “Well . . . he’s good at kickball.” Totally satisfied and slightly impressed Kennedy said, “Hmmm”. Then they quickly talked about something else.

I was listening and thought, “What? He’s good at KICKBALL?! That doesn’t reveal anything significant about the kid. Why did Reagen give such a meaningless description and why did Kennedy accept it?” Then I remembered, “Oh yeah, in elementary school playground performance is pretty important.”

Is Nolan successful? It depends on who he is trying to please. If he’s wanting to impress his teacher, I have no idea how he’s doing. But if Nolan’s trying to impress his peers with his playground skills, he is successful.

Are you successful? Like Nolan, your answer depends on who you’re trying to please.

Before you determine how you’ll succeed, determine who you’re trying to please.

Whatever you do today, ask yourself “Who am I trying to please?” It may provide incredible clarity.

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