How to Create Resonance When You Speak

Almost every leader will have to speak publicly at some point. Are you prepared to speak effectively? When you speak do you touch people deeply so they’ll make something beautiful?

At one of the labs at Catalyst West last week, I heard Nancy Duarte share some practical insight on effective public speaking.

According to Duarte, the overarching speaking goal is to create resonance!

What is resonance? We’ll get to that.

After studying effective speeches throughout history, Nancy noticed there is a visual pattern that effective speeches follow.

Pattern = What is, what could be, what is, what could be, what is, what could be, then new bliss (new norm/utopian/beautiful).

Here’s the visual pattern: (I took pic w/iPhone so it’s a bit grainy)

Speaker develops pattern by first establishing the “Big idea”. Big idea = your point of view plus the stakes (POV + stakes).

Ask this question: What’s at stake? If there’s nothing to persuade – why preach? Establish what’s at stake!

After establishing what’s at skate, cast the vision for “what could be” and continue to contrast “what is” and “what could be”. That creates resonance in the heart of the audience. Resonance is what allows you to touch people deeply so they’ll make something beautiful.

Nancy Duarte just published her new book: Resonate which you can order HERE. You can check out her website HERE or follow her on twitter HERE.

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