15 Lessons in 15 Years – part 3

This week I celebrate 15 years in full-time ministry. I spent some time narrowing down the 15 big lessons I’ve learned. You can see the other lessons by clicking HEREHERE. Here are the final five big lessons in no particular order:

1) It’s not you it’s me

“When something about you bothers me, I need to take a long hard look at me before bothering you.” – Andy Stanley based on Mt.7:3

2) Less is MORE

Quality trumps quantity. It’s harder to achieve quality. That’s why many churches choose quantity. Growing churches understand that the “ministry buffet” approach rarely results in sustainable growth but usually results in bad stewardship of limited resources.

3) I’ll be hurt, misunderstood & under-appreciated. 

Lance Witt says more than half of all pastors would leave the ministry and do something else if they could replace their income. For pastors, the line between our job and our relationship with God is blurry and sometimes pastors leave both simultaneously.

Truthfully, I have been blessed and over-appreciated more times than not.

4) Patience is better than Boldness

“Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.” – Proverbs 16:32 I wrote more about this principle HERE.

In my 30’s, I valued boldness. In my 40’s, I’m starting to value patience which leads toward boldness.

5) It’s impossible to over-estimate the value of a compelling vision

If you’re vision feels stale to you – the leader, imagine how it feels to the people following you. Consistently casting a compelling vision is hard work but worth it. “Vision leaks,” Andy Stanley.

Working with North Point Ministries I grew a new appreciation for a clear, compelling vision. I wrote more about that HERE.

The process of drilling down to discover these 15 lessons has been fun and helpful. Maybe you could give it a try.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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