15 Lessons in 15 Years – part 2

This week I celebrate 15 years in full-time ministry. I spent some time narrowing down the 15 big lessons I’ve learned. Yesterday I shared 5 lessons (click HERE) and here are five more in no particular order:

1. God’s Track Record is Impressive

I don’t always feel this way. But looking back over these 15 years there is one loud and obvious truth: HE is TRUSTWORTHY. Hopefully, I’ll take bigger risks for Him, lean on Him more during trials, and trust Him when things don’t make sense. I’m still learning but God’s track record is pretty compelling!

2. I am creating a wake

Like a boat going across the water leaving a wake, my life is impacting other people whether I want it to or not. People are either better off or worse off because our paths crossed.

3. Others pastors aren’t perfect

As a pastor’s son you’d think I would’ve already known this. Yet, when you feel someone let’s you down it’s still usually surprising.

I’m far from perfect, so it’s unrealistic to expect others to be something I know I’m incapable of achieving. Unrealistic expectations only add unnecessary weight.

4. My relationships determine my future

“Your friends determine the quality and direction of your life.” Andy Stanley

This is always true. No exceptions. Choose relationships wisely. (Proverbs 13:20)

“Your friends are a preview of the future you.” – Andy Stanley

5. Intergenerational ministry is worth the work

Older pastors have a lot to offer. Younger pastors have a lot to offer. In most churches the two co-exist at best. God designed us to pour into each other to further His Church.

I’ve served at a mostly older ministry and a mostly younger ministry. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Now, I’m serving at a church that is working hard to be an intergenerational ministry. So encouraging!

On Thursday I’ll share the final five.

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