Ministry Lessons from Michael Scott & Dwight Schrute

Remember The Office episode when Michael ignored Dwight’s caution and drove into the lake because “the machine knows” (referring to his GPS)? Here’s that YouTube.

This happens way too often in ministry. Church leaders ignore opportunities because “the man-made machine” told them to. You ever have a ministry dream but “they” keep you from pursuing it? Here are some examples:

– Ignore your local music culture and talent because you’re trying to sound like “xyz” church across the country. Splash!

– As a speaker, you over-estimate the importance of your delivery and under-estimate the power of God’s Word. Splash!

– Refusing to consider a particular small-group strategy because you’re following the missional, Willowcreek, or Saddleback church model. Splash!

– Not supporting a Kingdom-growing ministry because they view a non-essential doctrine differently. Splash!

Driving into the water because “the machine” told you to makes for a funny picture. Resisting Holy Spirit-driven innovation because you’re restricted by a man-made box must grieve God’s heart.

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