Are You Being Typecast?

Typecast = to always give the same kind of role; to cause people to think that one should always play the same kind of role.

Are you in ministry and feeling typecast?

Certain people see me as a youth pastor, a worship pastor, an associate pastor, a lead pastor, a chaplain, others as a community life pastor. That’s because I’ve served people in each capacity. I’ve worked hard to serve well in each role.

There is a tendency in which those who saw you lead well in a certain role begin to typecast you into that ministry role. That’s a compliment. It simply means they believe you served well.

I’ve recently talked with others who have served in multiple ministry roles. We agreed that tremendous personal growth happens when you serve in a new role.

It matters little how others view us but how we view ourselves. Am I trying to become a better “groups guy” or a better leader for the Kingdom?

How does God view me? He hasn’t typecast me in a ministry role. He isn’t impressed with titles. He wants my heart. That’s how I want to be known: His.

Don’t limit yourself. He hasn’t.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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