Are you leading people to cheer for clothes?

Remember the Seinfeld bit where he suggests that sports fans simply cheer for clothes instead of people? So funny! Click here and enjoy if you haven’t seen it.

Unfortunately, this same mindset is in the church. It is rampant, excessive, and damaging.

In sports, the danger is cheering for jerseys instead of people. In churches, the danger is cheering for churches instead of God. Ouch!

Here are some signs that you may be cheering for your church more than God:

  1. Never cooperate with other local churches on anything. Even if the project is small cooperation reminds everyone that God is supreme not our local body.
  2. Your church’s twitter account doesn’t follow any other local churches or pastors. That is the standard social media rule for businesses in competing industries. We aren’t competing!
  3. Have you ever recommended someone visit another local church that might be a better fit for them? (Not just the people you’re happy to see leave.)

You and I know that God doesn’t look down from Heaven and proportion His love based on the church we attend.

The reality is we naturally gravitate toward competition and personal success. But you and I want God to be supreme. So let’s lead people to cheer for something much bigger than clothes.

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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