Confession: I’ve Decided to Cheat on My iPhone

The apps on my iPhone that I use constantly are: hootsuite, twitter, wordpress, facebook, email, texting, and calendar. The other apps that I use regularly are: camera, iTunes, dropbox, evernote, kindle, maps, and notes.

After one year, I have never been more happy with a phone! Seriously. It’s amazing! It has exceeded my expectations in every way. Yet I have never been more distracted by a phone. My iPhone has taken more and more of my attention. That has bothered me for awhile.

This week I had to have a difficult conversation. I’ll tell you more about that but first the problem:

My iPhone constantly invites itself to family functions and interrupts me and us. My iPhone often comes to dinner and rudely interrupts our family meals. My iPhone jumps up between me and my wife during some of our conversations. When my kids are trying to get my attention my iPhone refuses to let me go. At coffees and lunches with friends, my iPhone continues to seduce my attention. My iPhone is needy. My iPhone is insecure and refuses to give me any space. Stinkin’ iPhone!

Andy Stanley wrote a great book entitled “Choosing to Cheat”. The premise is that we all face the dilemma of finding balance between our work life and our family life. At times we will have to cheat one or the other. The wisdom is to cheat the right thing.

So I’m choosing to cheat time on my iPhone. As much as I love it, people win.

So I’ve already sat my iPhone down and had the tough conversation. This included telling my iPhone that I am reducing it’s voice in my life by leaving my phone on mute almost exclusively. I’ve also informed my iPhone that after work it will go on the charger and I will check it once before bed and that’s it. It is also no longer invited to dinner. It will be placed upside down during meetings. I even went so far as to inform my iPhone that it will be nothing but a clock to me during those meetings. It was a hard conversation.

I know my iPhone’s tendencies will be to try and seduce me but I choose others. If you’re a person, I choose you. Will you choose me?

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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17 thoughts on “Confession: I’ve Decided to Cheat on My iPhone

  1. Really funny stuff.! I think you made the right choice. I recently got a 4g phone after ‘depriving’ myself and maintaining an old (pre G as I called it) phone. I was worried and still am to an extent about being one of those people who is always staring at their phone. I see people hold their phones while sleeping on the bus as if the phone were their most precious item.

    • Thanks. I can say that none of us intend to become one of “those constantly staring at their phone people”. But the draw is strong. The “potential” email is more exciting than a lull. Over time we are consumed with what might be over what is. I imagine some alien landing on Earth and assuming that our phones provide us life-sustaining oxygen by the way we appear to completely depend on the them. 🙂

  2. Mark, so I was bleeding to death and tried to call you and you didn’t answer! Bummer, see you in Heaven! Ha! Just kiddin! Great thoughts. I have people in my class passing this all over…too cool, God using you here in North Texas! Miss our fellowship!

    • Man Isaac I’m just glad you assumed you were going to Heaven. 🙂 Man I’m honored so many are being challenged by this idea like I am. Love you man and look forward to y’alls family vacationing here soon. 🙂

    • Hey David! You & I appreciate the benefits of good technology. A mobile device is more dangerous in stealing my time & focus. I may resist my MacBook once-a-day. But I have to resist my iPhone at least a dozen times each day b/c it’s always w/me. I don’t think it means I should carry the 90’s “bag phone” but just be aware that extra discipline is going to be required w/increased quality & accessibility.