Stop Searching for What You Already Own

Yesterday I saw the strangest thing. I was at a shoe store when a man walked in wearing a exquisite pair of Italian leather shoes. As he was looking at and touching the less expensive, imitation leather shoes you could tell he was really drawn to the red pair. He eventually told the salesman that he wanted to purchase the shoes. But I never anticipated what he did next.

In order to pay for his new shoes he asked if he could trade in his own Italian leather shoes. The commission-hungry salesman said, “Sure but you still owe $33.” “Fine,” the customer said, “that sounds fair.”


That story isn’t real and yet it happens every single day. You search for a cheaper version of something you already own. It usually looks like this:

– You search for significance from other people who also feel insignificant. The sovereign God says you are already significant to Him.

– You search for ways to escape your stress. God invites you to cast ALL your cares on Him for long-lasting peace.

– You search for real forgiveness. God can not only forgive, He can forget.

– You search for genuine love. God offers unconditional, sacrificial, eternal love.

Today refuse to go looking for a cheaper version of what you already own.

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