How to Properly Ignore People

Truth: As a leader you must ignore some people.

No leader I know enjoys this but people who try and listen to every opinion and respond to every criticism aren’t leading.

Truth: As a Christian you read that Christ died for ALL.

God the Son died for every person, everywhere. Including the people who criticize you.

How do you manage the tension of these two truths?

Here are 2 ways to properly ignore people as a leader AND a follower of Christ:

1) Have a Clear Vision

Noah had a God-given vision. He knew exactly where he was headed and why. That allowed him to ignore those who criticized and tried to distract him. He consistently picked up another nail because his vision was clear.

A clear vision alone is not enough as any dictator reveals. In addition to having a clear vision you must . . .

2) Remain Focused on People’s Need

Noah’s clear vision allowed him to ignore his critics. Yet after the ark was built Noah continued to plead with his critics to get on the ark because he was still focused on their need.

How do you properly ignore people? Have a clear vision and remain focused on people’s need.

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