3 Things I DON’T LIKE About Small Groups

Part of my job is to lead our church’s small group ministry. But I gotta tell you there are some things I personally don’t like about small groups. In fact, here are 3 things I don’t like:

1) Giving up an evening every week

2) Trying to figure out who’s gonna watch my kids

3) The day of group I often dread it instead of anticipating it

But I still think you should absolutely join a small group. Why? Over my lifetime, I can not think of any single thing that has grown my faith more than the friendships I’ve formed in small groups. Watching others’ faith grow inspires me. Giving others access to my life motivates me. Being encouraged through tough times sustains me.

Plus, my small group is made up of some great people!

If you’re serious about growing your faith, invest in the 1st century process of meeting in someone’s home to encourage each other, pray, and study the Scriptures. It’s hard but so worth it!

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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7 thoughts on “3 Things I DON’T LIKE About Small Groups

  1. Wow you said it. I agree with the downsides of small groups and have been in your shoes. I have often thought that it shouldn’t be that way. That if small groups are going to be part of our walk with God then we should say no to other “good” things. There is something special about both small groups and margin in life. Enjoyed your thoughts!

    • Thanks! I’ve often heard Andy Stanley talk about how grateful he is anytime his group gets cancelled last minute. His transparency recognized the sacrifice it is to be in a group. The sacrifice is worth it but, like you, I believe there’s value in recognizing the sacrifice.

  2. You never know how much of an impact it is until it is gone. We had lifegroups in our home for 3 years, when we were in Abilene. I believe we can trace our deepest spiritual growth, lasting friendships, and some of the best times we had with our family in our home back to our lifegroup days. I agree it was hard, sometimes we had almost 40 before we multiplied and split to other homes. We also had all of the kids there but it was a sweet time.

    • I agree Darla. Doing life with others can be hard but it is the most productive path toward sustainable spiritual growth. Thanks for sharing your story here. GREAT to hear from you. Hope you and your family are doing well.