Blog Announcement

When I decided to start blogging I thought it would be smart to heed the advise of a couple of bloggers who do it well. I sought the advise of Ron Edmondson and Michael Hyatt.

Michael suggests all bloggers pre-write several blogs. (I wrote 25 blog posts before launching the first one.) I try to maintain 15 or 20 blog posts “ahead”. This discipline helps me be more creative.

Ron Edmondson told me to start slow to ensure the pace was sustainable. That’s great advise starting any endeavor isn’t it?

So I pre-wrote blog posts and have started slow (3 blogs a week on average). In the process, I’ve discovered a personal rhythm for publishing my blog posts.

So I’m officially announcing that my plan is to publish 3 posts a week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Unless, of course, I do something else.

Thanks for being part of this ongoing conversation!

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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