2 Things You & I Want

Last week Ginger & I drove to Missouri for the weekend. This weekend we flew to California. We met many friends, saw beautiful scenery, and tried new foods.

Some of my “firsts” included: eating a duck taco from a food truck (Flying Pig), eating an IN-N-OUT burger, eating an artichoke and tasting “hula pie”.

Compared to Texas some of the differences included weather, scenery, area attractions, traffic, cost of living, accents, dress, socio-economic influences, and demographic breakdown.

Obviously the further apart we are geographically, the greater the difference. When I lived in South Korea for one year the differences were more significant.

However, despite the differences I have learned that there are two things that all of us want. No matter our language, career, educational background, income, region, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or marital status you and I desire two things: relationships and purpose.

We are different but exactly the same.

In Scripture the early church met in houses to spread the news that Jesus was alive and made a way for others to know Him. Relationships…purpose.

Jesus deeply invested in a limited number of disciples on the way to the cross. Relationships…purpose.

Building meaningful relationships and pursuing a significant purpose is hard. But I don’t want to settle for cheap (easier) imitations.

Focusing on deeper relationships and pursuing a significant purpose should give me permission to say “no” and clarify when I should say “yes”.

Who are your meaningful relationships? How are you investing in them? What significant purpose(s) are you pursuing? Who is helping you pursue that purpose?

Our conversation will be better if you participate.

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